Chance for Glory

The Innovation and Triumph of the 1916 Washington State Rose Bowl Team


Chance for Glory - Officially Released!

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The team took on movie roles in Hollywood while preparing for the

Rose Bowl

Coach William "Lonestar" Dietz remains one of the most winning coaches in Washington State history

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In 1915, American football was still in its infancy. The first Rose Bowl was just in its planning stages. East Coast teams were becoming household names, but what chance did a West Coast team with a losing streak have in achieving any fame or notoriety?

Everything changed in the fall of 1915 when William “Lone Star” Dietz, half Native American, was hired to coach Washington State College’s football team. His experience and knowledge would help a group of undersized players to become giants on the football field, and soon the team would become household names across America.

Much more than just a football story, Chance for Glory is a microcosm of American history. Author Darin Watkins places the 1915 WSC team and the first Rose Bowl in the context of two Washington schools trying to compete academically for their very existence. We get glimpses into early Hollywood movie making, we meet people with their roots in a legacy of Indian Wars from just a few decades earlier, and we hear in the distance the guns on the European battlefields of World War I.

Intrigue, romance, courage, determination, strategy, and serendipity all meet in these pages to catapult the story of the winning Cougars into becoming one of the greatest football stories of all time.

The University of Washington had considered Washington State such a poor quality football opponent they refused to schedule any games