Chance for Glory

The Innovation and Triumph of the 1916 Washington State Rose Bowl Team

In 1916 the Tournament of Roses committee with new leadership decided to host the very first national championship football game to celebrate its annual parade and to gain national attention. The new book Chance for Glory relives those glory days as the committee struggles for recognition after trying everything from Chariot Racing to Ostrich Racing.

Taking the field that day would be Brown University, would be Frederick "Fritz" Pollard, among the first African-American running backs to play large college football. Coaching Washington State College would be William  "Lonestar" Dietz - who would be among the coaches that would change the game of college football proving that innovation and speed could overcome the mighty and the powerful.

These films were made by Universal Pictures as part of its movie production involving the Washington State team while in Pasadena.

Washington State players treated to the sites


An overview of the 1916 Rose bowl game

1916 Rose Bowl first half ends 0-0

1916 Rose Bowl second half - Wash St wins 14-0